Essex Rising

Essex Rising Endorses West Orange Mayoral Candidate Cindy Matute-Brown

Essex Rising endorses Cindy Matute-Brown for Mayor of West Orange. Her four years of service on Town Council have demonstrated her diligence and her ability to act independently in the best interests of West Orange—including to find savings for the Town and boost its income. She has demonstrated her ability to work with others on Council, in town, in County government, and with neighboring mayors to get things done. Her accomplishments include negotiation with the County to clear the way for West Orange’s acquisition of Rock Spring Golf Course, and support of West Orange’s acquisition of Crestmont Country Club to preserve it from development. 

As Town Council President, Cindy Matute-Brown spearheaded the long-overdue default of Prism, the developer that had stalled downtown growth for years, clearing the way for fresh initiatives there that West Orange now will be better able to influence, including the creation of a film studio that promises to breathe new life into downtown. 

Cindy Matute-Brown’s innovative initiatives and creative problem solving also were applied to the creation of the Cannabis Task Force to help minority-owned businesses access new opportunities, and her work with our Youth and Police Force to institute changes to ordinances and procedures that put particularly people of color at risk. 

Typical of Matute-Brown’s commitment to ethical governance for the good of the community rather than vested interests, she instituted a Board at Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center after a troubled period at OSPAC. 

Cindy Matute-Brown exemplifies the principles of Essex Rising and has served on the Steering Committee for several years. That she is the only mayoral candidate for West Orange endorsed by NJ Young Democrats also demonstrates that future leaders look to her for example. That Cindy Matute-Brown is prepared to relinquish her Town Council seat to run for Mayor indicates the high stakes that West Orange residents face in this race. The only way West Orange will continue to benefit from her dedication and leadership is to elect her Mayor.   

Make sure to exercise your right to vote November 8, 2022.
Register to vote by October 18, 2022.
The deadline to sign up to vote by mail is seven days before the elections.



Despite the right wing’s attempted coup on January 6, 2021, today we have a sane, reasonable, measured leader in President Biden. However, one year later, the attempt to undermine the will of the people remains under attack, with Trump-aligned Republicans working to subvert free and fair elections in many states. At this critical moment, we must stand together and urge our elected leaders to pass legislation to shore up the principle that American government is “for the people and by the people.” 

Our mobilization to defend our democracy launches this Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. in Spiotta Park in South Orange. Uniting with similar gatherings planned throughout the country, we will remember the violent insurrection and those who died defending the Capitol, and learn how each one of us can take action now. 

The boundaries of NJ Congressional Districts 10 & 11 have shifted recently. This creates fresh challenges for this year’s election cycle. Let’s get engaged! 

Please be masked and vaccinated and let us know you’re coming! 

Spiotta Park 
20-32 Village Plaza, South Orange, NJ, 07079

6:30pm, January 6, 2022

Please be masked and vaccinated and let us know you’re coming!

2021 Election: GET INVOLVED!


Saturday, September 25th, Canvass for Governor Murphy
The Murphy campaign is launching a day of action for all of us to let our neighbors know how important it is to vote in this year’s election, either by mail or in-person.


Learn about a location near you and sign up to attend a rally and canvass launch HERE.

Saturday, September 25th, 10 a.m.
Canvass for Governor Murphy or Brian Rock, in West Orange 

A canvassing event will launch from 10 Cobane Terrace in West Orange starting promptly at 10 a.m. with Representative Mikie Sherrill giving opening remarks.  This is an opportunity for you to knock on doors, and to inform our neighbors about Governor Murphy or about Brian Rock, Essex Rising’s endorsed candidate for West Orange Board of Education. Canvassing lists for each candidate will be available. This is how we win elections—by getting out and talking to people in a way that builds community.